Insulation is not enough fiber termination box

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Insulation is not enough fiber termination box

Postod WilliamNance » Uto Okt 10, 2017 8:46 am

To the fragile fiber to provide a more solid, stable protective layer of fiber distribution box , only to do maintenance work, the effective prevention of abnormalities and the occurrence of failure. First you need to detect the tightness of the fiber optic splice box after installation.

The holes are distributed around the fiber optic splice box for wiring and cooling. If the airtightness is not good, water resistance and fire resistance is low. Once the fiber optic splice box into the water short circuit, easily lead to large area power outages.

In the rain, these holes have become water holes. The space inside the cable connector box is small, and the cable is closely connected. Rain, the entire circuit is easy to water short circuit, maintenance personnel repair the broken fiber optic splice box. You can also fill the resin to increase the airtightness.

The second is to regularly check the maintenance of the fiber optic splice box. Fiber optic cable connector box in the outdoors for a long time rain and exposure, easy to aging.

Regular inspection and maintenance, in time to use the low-voltage cable connector box re-crimp wire, the insulation strength to re-adjust the timely replacement of serious aging or insulation is not enough fiber termination box , damaged fiber optic splice box in a timely manner to prevent wiring Many, causing new risks.
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