Bats aiming to break the contract 8 million euro snatch

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Bats aiming to break the contract 8 million euro snatch

Postod soksophoan » Pet Okt 27, 2017 5:51 pm

"Serie Mercato," the Italian media, claimed Valencia, and filed forผลบอลสด a € 8.8 million (£ 320 million) torn bid to surrender Raul Albini's defenders to the Spanish. Napoli return to football in Mesta Stadium again, the market for the players - January next year.

32-year-old Spanish striker has renewed his contract with Napoli until mid-2020, starting his playing career with Valencia before moving to Real Madrid in 2009 ผลบอลสดand coming to live in Naples. Since 2013 has been the news of the "bat brand" has been watching over the past few months. Most recently, they prepared to break the promise to Napoli to grab Al Bino's army. But it is unclear whether he will move the team in the middle of the season or not. If "Azzur" also won the Italian championship ผลบอลสด
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